Orbit Partnership

Welcome to the ORBIT PARTNERSHIP a new concept for the Commercial Vehicle Repair industry

The possibilities are endless


* Automatic link to DVLA data allows you to search by VRN and import  Make/Model and VIN number. *

* Reducing Estimate production time down to as little as 5 mins    using pre-stored   parts and repair times. *

* Designed specifically for Commercial Vehicle Repair and Fleet *

* Flexible – can deal with any vehicle type *

* Stores all repair times across all sites and MI compares relative performance *

* Credit Repair financing upon Engineer Authority *

* Historic Repair Times *

* Fast and Accurate Estimates based on actual repair times *

* Scalable *

* Reduced Off-Road Time = Savings for Clients *

* Bespoke MI based on real-time data *

* Improved service to Clients *


This can either be swipe card or computer screen activated, recording staff arrival and departure from site.

Through this screen individual permissions can be set so specific users can be restricted to view certain information. A number of default rates and efficiencies can be set so actual performance against set limits can be measured. From analysis of repair costs against estimated prices to working out wages from times clock, Orbit reporting systems can be modified to report the information you need.

A full Parts manager feature is available for controlling parts orders and the production of Purchase orders – additionally, a Parts Sales facility allows individual sales.

Estimates can either be raised from defined tree structures that automatically calculate repair times from past jobs. For commercial repairers the raising of estimates is made much easier and times are calculated from past experience. Orbit can also import from most major estimating systems.

Orbit will print or email estimates (with images). Each estimate is turned into a job for job card production and invoicing via it’s direct link with Sage Accounts.

This records an individual member of staff’s specific activities as MET Panel Paint operations are completed.

This data is used within the management reports and business management consultancy to enable profitability to be fully monitored and improved.

As with the Attendance Time Clock, this can either be swipe card or computer screen activated.

The web portal gives real time repair tracking to help large fleet owners monitor the progress of their assets through the repair shop.

Giving your customer the information they require will help make your business the first choice for carrying out long term contracts

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